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70% of Hollywood wants 23_E's Intellectual Property

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

I hope everyone is safe and doing well!

Although the global economy continues to take a hit due to COVID-19, the video game and streaming industry continues to grow at an unprecedented level. Combine this with the fact that Entropy Media's IP is wanted by nearly 70% of studios and streamers globally, and we have an enterprise projected to gross hundreds of millions in revenue. To back my claim, I've attached the 2020-2021 TV mandate for U.S. streamers and distributors. In essence the mandate, which was distributed to my management team, lists what type of shows streamers and channels want. As you can see, almost 7 in 10 streamers and distributors are looking to buy/produce a series like the Entropy TV series that contain a strong female lead, scenes and drama in international locations with an international, diverse cast, and a suspenseful thriller/drama containing relevant societal events.

Entropy Television is our streaming TV division, but as you know, we also produce Playstation V video games via our EM Digital division too. I'll focus on EM Television this week, but next week I'll provide more anecdotal evidence on the projected financial success of our video game series, based on the same IP used to produce our streaming television series. For more information on the Entropy TV series and our video game, reach out to EM's legal counsel Joseph Lanius at

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TV-Mandates-2020-2021-Season-1 copy (1)
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Gordon Xaviar

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