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The world’s about to end, and only Konrad Hunter and Nina Sullivan can prevent Earth’s apocalypse. The former lovers have finally cut ties with their puppeteers, who have been manipulating them for years via a multi-dimensional chess game. Rebuffing false promises of immortality, they crisscross the globe in search of the Gameroom’s hidden entrance.  


The Most High, angry that the Gameroom's players have let their chess pieces outsmart them, summons the powerful Greek-Egyptian god Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes empowers two humans ... a former drug mule and the leader of the world’s most feared criminal organization ... to launch a Rastafarian-led revolution against Babylon. The battle for control over the world’s financial systems, political parties, medical facilities, and media conglomerates quickly intensifies. In retaliation for the disruption of their chess game, the overseers initiate a mass extinction event on earth, causing hundreds of thousands of human deaths with the arrival of a mysterious airborne illness. 


Will Nina or Konrad reach the Gameroom and stop the global plague from destroying our world? Will Babylon thwart the Resistance, who have been awakened to fight for humanity’s survival? Find out in "Out of Body", the final installment in the Heroin(e) trilogy.

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