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What advice does Gordon have for someone who would like to be a writer?

Completely immerse yourself in your subject material, become an expert about what you’re writing about, and be confident about your ability to craft a coherent story. Educating yourself on how to properly write your genre is also super important.

Where is Gordon X. Graham from?

Gordon is Jamaican. His parents were born and raised on the culture-rich Caribbean island, and he was born in New York City. In addition to residing in NYC, Gordon has also lived in Washington DC.

Where did you get Gordon inspiration for Heroin(e)?

Gordon has always been fascinated with the DC Sniper Crisis because of the sniper’s prolonged ability to evade law enforcement. And, also due to the fact that the younger sniper was Jamaican. The concepts of multiple dimensions, altered realities, and esoteric societies also interest Gordon deeply.  Gordon is also intrigued by the history of illicit substances and their correlation to the growth and destruction of society. 


The 23 Enigma captivates Gordon because of its relationship to these subjects—and also because Gordon was born on the 23rd, and his father was born on the 17th.  

Are the Heroin(e) novels being made into a television series?

Yes, an Entropy television series, based on Gordon's books, is in development via Entropy Media's production company. Updates will appear on this website.

Who are Gordon's favorite authors?

James Baldwin, Robert Beck, Ralph Ellison, Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison and Hunter S. Thompson are Gordon's favorite writers. Books written by James B. Stewart, Howard Zinn, Andre Agassi and Arthur Ashe also inspire him.

Who are Gordon's favorite filmmakers?

Christopher Nolan, Spike Lee, David Fincher, Oliver Stone and Micheal Mann. Ryan Coogler and Jordan Peele also are visionaries. 

Has Gordon always known that he wanted to be a writer?

Gordon didn't want to become a writer untilI he attended college. He originally studied medicine, but switched career paths after realizing that he had a phobia of hospitals.


What is Gordon's writing process?

Gordon listens to a taped session of DJ LeFtO from Brussels, who spins hip-hop and trip-hop. Then he starts typing until my head hurts.

When editing, Gordon listens to roots reggae, especially Burning Spear, Super Cat, Dennis Brown and Barrington Levy.

Who is the voice in Heroin(e)?

Good question. This will be revealed in due time.

Is Gordon working on writing anything new?

In addition to his writing duties for hypermodern, Gordon is writing his third book in the Heroin(e) series. hypermodern is producing new, visual content based on Entropy and Hermetic


When will Gordon's next book be released?

In 2023. It will be titled Heroin(e) : Out of Body.

Why did Gordon decide to self-publish his novels?

To solidify creative control over the Heroin(e) series. 

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