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Nina Sullivan’s life as a corporate slave seemed routine until she was drugged with a mysterious substance called x-2317. Overnight, this turned her into a key piece in an elaborate, multidimensional chess game operated by two powerful opposing forces from a mysterious dimension known as the KERNEL.


However, when Nina and her opponent, Konrad, wake up in 2017 with no memory of the past fourteen years, surrounded by people they don’t know, and in a country unrecognizable as the America they remember, they seem to be at a stalemate. It quickly becomes clear that the stakes of her Game are much higher than they were fourteen years ago, and have become more and more entangled within an international labyrinth controlled by a wealthy and powerful esoteric group called The Others.


Nina must contend with Konrad’s increasing power as he sets his sights on the one person that could decisively swing the Game in his favor. The two players now need to unravel the mysteries of their missing years and mobilize their forces in order to stop, or facilitate, our planet’s annihilation.

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