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About hypermodern
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Gordon X. Graham, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Gordon X. Graham is the bestselling author of Heroin(e): Entropy, Heroin(e): Hermetic and Heroin(e) : Out of Body. He is also an accomplished screenwriter, filmmaker and TV showrunner. Gordon is an alumnus of New York University, the New York Film Academy and the University of Maryland, where he studied political science and film, and was a standout wing on Maryland’s varsity rugby team.


Gordon is 6 foot 6, a vegan, and performs daily meditation. ​ He is a passionate advocate of civil rights and is a staunch supporter of the National Alliance to End Homelessness. Gordon is also a chess enthusiast - his favorite player is José Capablanca - and is a talented player himself. He is ranked one level below that of a chess grandmaster, with a 2271 (National Master) peak ranking in bullet chess. 


In addition to being a prolific chess player, writing novels and directing and producing films, Gordon is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of hypermodern. hypermodern is a film, television and software production company dedicated to producing visual art, centralized around real-world suspense,


Gordon currently lives in New York City. But one day, he wants to move to a less urban area to achieve his dream of owning a Doberman Pinscher.

Austin Pleats, Chief Legal Officer

Austin Pleats is hypermodern's Chief Legal Officer. Austin is an experienced and well versed intellectual property, contract law and entertainment attorney supervising all of hypermodern's business activities.
His full bio will be published shortly. 



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